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Click here to go to the AggreGator stand-alone website.

AggreGator is the flagship Gator Robotics project. Built from the ground up, the AggreGator is Gator Robotics’ vehicle to another world. It is built for the NASA Robotics Mining Competition and must be completely autonomous.

Project Leads:

Issa Hawsho – Head
Oleg Timuta – Mechanical
Jesus Pentado – Electrical

To become a part of the AggreGator team, join the AggreGator Facebook Group or Facebook message Issa Hawsho.


Schedule and Location:

Talk to Issa or check the AggreGator Facebook Group for information on meetings.

Changes to time and location will be announced via the AggreGator Facebook Group or GroupMe. If you don’t  know where to find MAE-C, please refer to the map below.


Map to MAE-C: