Campus Workshops



Gator Robotics offers workshops throughout the year that cover a number of robotics related topics such as building circuits and using micro-controllers.

Starting this fall, workshops will focus on teaching robotics from a holistic/systems perspective, including lessons on the mechanical, electrical, and software sides of robot design. A final project will be given at the end in order to allow participants a chance to use their new skills in these three areas.

Jabier Irigoyen – Workshops Director

Mechanical Engineering Instructors:
Luke Santore
Jackson Heintz
Ryan Smolcheck

Electrical Engineering Instructors:
Steven Paek
Angeline D’Or
Chad Saunders

Comp. Sci/Comp. Engineering Instructors:
Emily Macon
Daniel Clark

Schedule and Location:

Meetings will typically be on Wednesdays at 6:15PM in MAE-B 229.

Look for a GR Workshops Facebook event to find out if there is one happening this week. If you don’t know where to find MAE-B, please refer to the map below.

Map to MAE-B: