SMT Forge

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SMT Forge is an integrated solution for prototyping and small scale manufacturing of circuits that use SMT( Surface Mount Technology) components. Essentially:

SMT Forge = PCB milling + Pick & Place +Solder Paste Dispensing + Reflow Soldering

The objective is to create a total, affordable (under $ 5000), and customizable circuit assembly machine with a much smaller form factor compared to industrial machines. This is targeted towards a previously untapped consumer base which comprises of tech startups, school and university labs , home/garage electronics workshops, and hobbyists around the world.

Project Leads:

Arghya Das – Head

To become a part of the SMT Forge team, join the SMT Forge Facebook Group or Facebook message Arghya Das.

Schedule and Location:

Regular meeting times will be Tuesdays bi-weekly from 6:00PM to 7:00PM in the Marston Library basement.

Changes to time and location will be announced via the SMT Forge Facebook Group or GroupMe. If you don’t know where to find Marston Library do you even go here?, please refer to the map below.

Map to Marston Library: