There are a multitude of resources at the University of Florida and at Gator Robotics to help students and enthusiasts in the design, manufacturing, and programming of robots. Here are some that we find particularly useful.

University Course Materials and Campus Resources:

  • Intelligent Machines Design Lab Supplier List. This website was set up for EEL 4665/5666 and is a fantastic resource for determining where to source different parts for robots. If you need to buy electronics, check in here to quickly find a price estimate.
  • Design and Manufacturing Course Website is chock full of useful resources in -you guessed it- design and manufacturing. Professor Braddock has resources for the mathematics of drive trains, how to make successful manipulators, and,  most importantly, safety sheets.
  • MAE-D runs the Rapid Prototyping Laboratory on the third floor of MAE-B. Several  3D printers and scanners are available to students and student projects.

General Robotics Resources:

FRC Resources

Other Robotics Resources